Are you feeling hopeless and suffering from depression?

Depression shows itself in many forms. 1 in 5 people have suffered from some form of depression at least once in their lifetime. Depression is a frequent reason for absenteeism at work because people who suffer from depression have more health issues than their non-depressed fellow workers; and while at work, their job performance is decreased by seven times their healthier co-workers.
ImageDepression is a major cause of increased health-care spending for the unhealthy symptoms that are experienced as part of the condition. Depression is not discriminate by age. It can creep up on younger people as well. Teen and college-age depression can be a major cause of missed school days.Families and couples are also affected by the illness, causing a real strain on maintaining healthy relationships. Friends and family can find it difficult to communicate with the depressed person. Anger, feeling helpless and feeling alone in the partnership are common feelings in a relationship with a person who is chronically depressed.

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