How to overcome ‘Inferiority Complex’?

An inferiority complex is defined by psychologists as negative feeling (usually of shame and anxiety) triggered in certain situations by viewing oneself as inferior to others in some way.

One interesting theory in psychoanalysis is that people who have a feeling of inferiority tend to try and compensate for it by having remarkable achievements in some other area.

Thus, feeling inferior is not all bad and can act as a motivator towards performance and success. However, it can also lead to destructive or antisocial behavior, in an attempt to get rid of the bad feeling. Often, both of these types of effects happen together, for the same person.

Inferiority Complex Treatment :

The good news is that as bad as feeling inferior may be, there is an inferiority complex treatment. The basis of the treatment is the idea that this complex is not triggered as much by inferiority, but rather by how you process it mentally.

You see, there are plenty of people who are short, fat, poor and don’t feel inferior about it. Inferiority is mostly a learned feeling. And anything that you’ve learned, you can also unlearn. Here are some specific steps you can take which act as a great inferiority complex treatment:

1. Put yourself out there. People with a complex of inferiority tend avoid social interactions. Even if they have them, they won’t open up very much because they’re not comfortable with exposing themselves as they are.

Well, this is exactly what you need to do. Put yourself out there voluntarily and you’ll notice that people don’t make fun of you, that it’s OK to be expressive and authentic.

2. Manage your thinking. A feeling of inferiority is created by distorted thinking which gives too much meaning to certain flaws. It’s important to learn how to detect and actively change this distorted thinking. As you gradually replace it with more accurate thinking, your feelings of inferiority will begin to go away.

3. Constantly improve. It’s much harder to feel inferior when you know that you are improving as a person each and every day. Develop your skills, make what you want of your own life, and your self-image will improve. As it does, so will any inferiority complex begin to diminish.

Keep in mind that an effective inferiority complex treatment requires a lot of practice and a lot of persistence from your part. It is these two qualities that will benefit you the most in your journey of self-transformation.



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