Effective Recipe for a Healthy Relationship (Based on the psychology of love).

Being in a relationship is one of the most wonderful things that one can experience. However, if you don’t know how to avoid disagreements in relationship, you will never find this thing wonderful indeed. In this article you will find an effective recipe for a healthy relationship that will help you enjoy every minute spent next to your partner and learn to give him joy as well.

Recipe for a healthy relationship: Point 1. Define a healthy relationship for yourself.

First of all, ask yourself what a healthy relationship should be like. You need to know exactly what do you expect from your partner. What do you want him to be like? What can you give him? This will help you find out if you could match each other well after the first date.

Recipe for a healthy relationship: Point 2. Learn to trust your partner.

One of the most important factors of a healthy relationship is trust. If you don’t trust each other, you will constantly be seized by jealousy, fears and doubts. All this may lead to aggression, resentment and, finally, separation. However, trust cannot emerge by itself. You should work on it. First, of course, you need to check if you can trust your partner. Tell him something significant and look at his reaction. If it is adequate, you can trust him . So, now show him that he can trust you as well.

Recipe for a healthy relationship: Point 3. Take him the way he is, not the way you want him to be.

One of the biggest mistakes of any couple is that they try to change each other constantly. However, no one likes to be the material for sculpturing. So, if your partner sees that you try to change him instead of loving him the way he is, sooner or later he will break up with you. Of course, it is not going to be easy, but this is a way to build a relationship.

Recipe for a healthy relationship: Point 4. Support your partner.

If you want to build healthy relationship with your partner, support him in everything that he does. Encourage him; help him realize that he can be useful for society, and especially for you. If he is out of spirits, find out how to get him in the right mood. Never ever say anything like “You will never do it!” or “You are a bunch of useless tits” or “You are a loser”, etc., otherwise, you will doom your relationship to failure. Respect him and everything that he does.

Recipe for a healthy relationship: Point 5. Learn to gain self-control.

Sometimes your partner may seem absolutely unbearable to you. In such cases it is important not to add to the situation by saying something that may hurt him deeply. It is easy to lose his trust, but it’s much more difficult to get it back. That is why you should learn to gain control over your negative emotions. Meditation can also help you overcome negativity and fight the aggression.

Recipe for a healthy relationship: Point 6. Don’t allow other people to interfere into your relationship.

Sometimes we need to share our relationship issues with someone. However, our close people can be our enemies, and it may be extremely dangerous to let someone interfere into your relationship. Never listen to anyone but your heart. It knows better what to do even if later it will turn out that your close people were right. You are experiencing your own life, and even if an experience is bad, it is still an experience.

Learn to appreciate each other. People forget how important it is to be thankful to God for being not alone. And only after losing someone dear, they start appreciating him or her, though it is too late. So, appreciate your partner now, because it may be too late to do it in the future. This is probably the most effective recipe for a healthy relationship.



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