Things To Do To Pamper Your Woman.

Every woman needs to feel special and taken care of. There is no short cut to pamper your woman. You basically have to touch her heart and for that you need one thing even more than money, effort. Only if sees that you are putting effort into making her happy will she be truly pampered.

Here are some unique ways to show love that will make your woman feel pampered.

Caress Her Hair.
It is the one of most uncommon ways to show love and that is why it will touch that tender spot in her heart.

Give Her A Foot Massage.
Women love high heels and high heels give them sore feet. You cannot talk her out of wearing heels but you can definitely give her a relaxing foot massage when she complains of aching feet. It will make her feel comfortable and also turn her on. It is the best way to increase your intimacy.

If you want to really pamper a woman silly then give her lots of surprises. It will keep her interested in the relationship and she will get the feeling that you too are thinking on your feet to make it work. A surprise movie ticket or a sudden drive up to the mountains might just be the best recipe for success in love.

Gifts Customized By You.
You can give her gifts but they will please her only if you she feels that you have put your heart into it. The gift may not be expensive but it has to be customized to her needs to make it worth anything. For example you can give her a picture collage of all your special moments together. Don’t try to give her things she need, give her things she wants.

Be True To Her.
The truth might hurt, but when she finds out you’re lying, it’s worse.

Spend quality time with her. She wants your full attention.

If you’re really that busy, give her a call when you can. If you’re not even free to make a call, or cannot call during working hours, a text message warms her heart as well.

Hold her hands in public. Be proud of her.

Hug her. Hugs are stronger than kisses.

Kiss her more, of course.

Don’t sweet talk. Say nice things to her but make sure they’re always true.

Respect her.

Listen to her. Spend some time everyday listening to what she has got to say.

Flowers – they love it.

Soft toys – if she’s not allergic, why not?

Get to know her friends. Especially the people she mix around.

Remember the anniversaries. Men often time forget these dates. It’s time you have an organiser to remember them.

Care for her. Who doesn’t need some care?

Tell her you love her. Simple 3 words “I love you” isn’t so hard to say, right?

Send her a text and say good morning. She’ll feel good to see her boyfriend’s text early in the morning. It might wake her up, but she’ll still smile.

Buy her her favourite food. Not hard right? How about dining at her favourite restaurant?

Drop some vocabulary – such as ‘old’, ‘fat’, ‘ugly’. If you love her, these few words shouldn’t exist in your dictionary.

Praise her. Be it a great job done, nice make up or a nice dress she wore, she’ll be happy.

Compromise. She loves it but you’re not having pasta everyday, are you?

Let her feel loved (on bed). She needs good sex as much as you do.

Sing her a song. Just a verse would be good.

Share a joke with her. Laughing is the best medicine.

Be romantic. The beach and the stars? The park and the bench?

Don’t mention your ex-girlfriends. She hates it.

Don’t compare her with other girls. Every girl is different. Accept it. Move on.

Don’t quarrel over anything. Discuss about it. Problems can be solved with discussion.

Usually after some time of marriage men start taking women for granted, don’t do this mistake. Make your girl feel that she is very special for you.

So follow these points and be a king of your queen.



4 thoughts on “Things To Do To Pamper Your Woman.”

  1. Wow . I have really learn a lot frm dis. And I will surely apply it am wit my lady. Nice 1 Google tanks for d tips

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