Little Things That Make Us Happy.

That one moment,
Little things that make us happy…The happy little things in life are the ones that keep one going. Happiness is found in these moments which make our monotonous everyday life joyous! The happiness you get from…

* Helping someone in need and seeing the person smile.

* Receiving a “Miss you” text from an old friend when you thought he/she was too busy for you.

* Getting a compliment.

* Finding the right change while in a bus.

* Stumbling upon a childhood photo album.

* Eating your favourite dish.

* Getting a loved one out of a glum mood.

* Finding a seat in a crowded bus/train.

* Receiving a surprise gift.

These cherished moments make one feel good and thankful, even in the middle of a hard day. So let us turn that frown down and keep ourselves and others happy!

FATHIMA HUMAIRA A., II Year, EEE, SSN College of Engineering.

– The Hindu.


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