Five Ways To Stay Calm In A Crisis.

Staying calm in a crisis is an excellent skill to have. From a small crisis to something very serious, having the skills to stay cool and collected can be the difference between panic and solution. If you can remain calm and have the ability to respond, you can really help. Staying calm during a crisis is easier said than done. Your body’s natural adrenaline rushes, making it tough to remain levelheaded. With a plan in place and steps that make sense, you can stay calm and be a problem solver.

Here’s a great list of 5 ways to stay calm in a crisis.

5 Ways to Stay Calm in A Crisis :

1. Be prepared. By having a crisis action plan for you and your family, you know what to do and how to stay in touch during an emergency.

2. Remain in the moment. Staying on task during a crisis will give you the focused attention required for problem solving.

3. Be mindful. Set aside your thoughts and feelings and simply get the job done.

4. Give yourself positive affirmations. During a serious crisis, it’s ok to remind yourself that you are brave and are handling the situation as best you can. It just might help you get through it all.

5. Breathe. Taking deep will help you find an inner calm and an inner strength.



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