How to React when Insulted or Teased?

There are always people who get their kicks by tormenting someone else. They enjoy insulting or teasing others, because they themselves are insecure. They are obviously completely jealous of something you have – your looks, luck, or friends and family, so just think, “Wow, that’s a compliment!”

They get pleasure out of watching the person who they have insulted or teased squirm, feel uncomfortable or cry. Their main purpose is to get a reaction out of the other person. This despicable breed are known as “bullies”. They look for a comeback, they expect it, so don’t give it.

1. Smile and nicely reply to the person.
Walk away. If you don’t engage the person, he or she has nowhere else to go and has nothing else to say.

2. Remember that a person cannot fight or argue by himself. 
He needs someone to do this with. The only way anyone can hurt you is through physical contact. Words alone can only harm you if you allow them to.

3. If he/she insults you upon your intelligence, just stand there and very respectfully tell him, “Oh, I’m sorry if you think so.” Then walk away, holding your head up high.

4. Try not to show your feelings if you are insulted or teased. 
The more you act hurt, the more the insults will continue. The goal is to hurt you, but if you do not show you are hurt, it will stop. Have confidence in yourself. Sometimes they will continue for a while, but if you just show you don’t care, they will eventually give up.

5. If someone insults you as BEING someone you’re not, the best way to diffuse that is to sarcastically and grossly play out the part of who they’re telling you are. 
Most of the time, people who insult others for being something, they are most afraid of being called that same thing themselves. Acting up as that person and saying “How nice; you’re my best buddy too!” will make them stop quickly, and people around you will know you are kidding if you are wildly acting it out. Just don’t hurt anyone in the process.



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