Tips To Stay Calm When Someone Insults You.

Keep your cool when someone starts making nasty remarks to you or about you in your presence. Act as if he is not really hurting your feelings. If you react, they will only want to do it again, knowing they get a response, which is what they want out of you. Don’t give them the satisfaction.

Be yourself. It sounds cheesy but it’s true. You can’t change yourself to make a bully accept you because the bully already made up his/her mind about hating you. Your friends might hate the new you, so you’ll be bullied even more.

Answering back with any type of retort will only make the situation worse. It is best not to reply at all, smile and walk away.

When someone makes fun of the way you were doing something or if he/she makes fun of the way you were acting in class, just take that insult as a joke and laugh it off. Don’t show that you were affected by the insult. This will, in a way, insult the person who is ‘trying’ to insult you.

Remember: Annoy no one. If someone annoys you, get them to stop. If they don’t, walk away.

If someone says something insulting, the general response is to ignore them. If I were talking to a wall, the wall wouldn’t reply back so I’d get bored and leave the wall alone. If I were talking to the wall and the wall somehow talked back I would keep talking because I know I’ll get a reply. Same thing with bullies.

If you are a very hot-tempered person and don’t respond well to teasing, it might be good to practice with a good friend who can help you to better respond to teasing.

If your friends are the ones that usually tease you, step back and evaluate your relationship with them. Do they really mean to make you laugh, or make you feel bad? Perhaps if they tease you so much, you should stop being friends with them. Perhaps you should let them know that their remarks are not appreciated.

Use a standard comeback: ‘Really?’ (if you want to find out their motives). Just look at them in disbelief, saying something like ‘Are you trying to hurt me?’ (most people will back down). ‘Whatever’ (same as walking away).

Simply do not be insulted. Their remark is as insincere as flattery. If they want to have a problem with you, that is their problem.

Always remember that there is only one you and no one has the right to make you feel bad about yourself.



12 thoughts on “Tips To Stay Calm When Someone Insults You.”

  1. Someone insulted my family (my number is 0796900980) using facebook he was verbal insulting my family now he is doing that using facebook. What can I do legally. We were calm all the time but angry on the otherside which un healthy.

    1. Hi,

      Mail me in detail about it to this email ID !
      I shall help you out.
      As of now, block him in Facebook & report abuse against him; action will be taken. Try and place a complaint in Cyber Crime. They’ll surely help! Or you can give a complaint against him in your nearby police station.

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