How To “Learn” To “Laugh”?

This may sound ridiculous but sometimes people have to learn to laugh. Laughter is state of mind. Sometimes you have to do some effort to provoke it.

Laugh has the “ability” to “conquer” us gradually. First we slightly smile, then light “ha-ha”, then comes the moment of real relaxation, laughter tsunami strikes the negative, hit it and you start laughing like a child – unsustainable, happily and free.

How we can do this?

It is not impossible; you just have to organize “laugh-pauses” – time when you disregard from the problems of everyday life and allow yourself to laugh and be happy against all odds.
It is clear that alone just does not work to “tread” laughing by yourself, especially when you think that the worst may not be. Therefore, to raise the mood we recommend :

– Communicate with happy people and limit those who always murmur and complain.

– More often watch comedies with friends.

– If you do not get to go to the movies, invite friends home and watch comedies together.

– Visit comedy productions at the theater, watch cartoons and parodies.

– Allow yourself from time to time to be a child – to make a shot, play children’s games. Childhood always elicits warm emotions, joy and laughter, so let from time to time to be kids again. Especially if you have kids. Give them time, they run the show.

Laughing Burns Calories.

– More often laugh at yourself and others, but let your jokes are good, not with sarcasm.

– Visit sites with jokes. Humor jokes cause only laughter and good humor. Send funniest jokes to friends and colleagues, friends and loved ones, and comment on them and laugh together.

– Try new things for you – go to karaoke, play bowling with other newbies like you. It brings to our lives only positive emotions, joy, laughter and arouse interest.

– More often enjoy with nice gifts, meetings and surprises. It gives you double joy and pleasure.

And DO NOT FORGET – “Laughter is good for health.”



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