Social Anxiety.

The overwhelming fear of being embarrassed. You know it well. And while you know it’s irrational and excessive, you just can’t shake it. You’re avoiding certain people and places to spare yourself intense, uncomfortable feelings. But where are these feelings coming from?

For many sufferers of social anxiety, the first step is just figuring out what is causing the extreme worrying and anxiety brought on by everyday social situations. 

Once you can pinpoint the cause, you can begin working through it. With consistency, determination and the right support, social anxiety disorder can be managed and even conquered.

Identify your symptoms. Identifying your behaviors and feelings is an excellent first step in discovering if you have social anxiety. If you believe you may have social anxiety and have not yet contacted a professional, we suggest that be your next step.


Help The Sufferers Of Social Anxiety.

As a sufferer of social anxiety, you have a unique and powerful perspective. Your experiences may be the inspiration a stranger needs to seek help and begin the process of conquering social anxiety.

If you have worked with a therapist and are experiencing success, we would love to hear about it. Your story can remain as anonymous as you like. Above all, we just want to share these experiences so other social anxiety sufferers know they are not alone. 

Sharing real-life experiences is just one way we are working to build a community for social anxiety sufferers and those who support them.

You can share your story with us here.

Thank you.


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