How To Ignore Fake Rumours?

Fake rumours happen to us all, and you need to know how to ignore them.

  • Try to put on a brave face. Never get mad or upset in public, this could just further the gossip and may start more rumours.
  • Be civil towards the rumour starters, sinking down to their level and hurling insults may make you look bad, thus damaging your reputation further.
  • If people question you about the alleged rumour, simply say it’s not true, and you don’t know why it was started.
  • Don’t try to deny what’s being said about you too much, as it can look like your trying too hard to defend yourself, and it causes people to believe it could be true.
  • If you feel threatened or bullied by the rumours, tell someone. Rumours are one thing; bullying is something else, and gossip can soon turn nasty.
  • One comeback to use if you must use one is “that’s so funny, I heard the same exact thing about you”. This is not a comeback, but if someone asks you about the rumour, and they say so-and-so said this, you can try this comeback.

Tips :

  • Act nice and act like you don’t care.
  • If they are physically hurting you, and it continues, tell an adult immediately.



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