The Dangers of Gossip.

Gossip is one of the most common problems in the workplace as well as in relationships.The biggest problem with it is that most people don’t even realize when a discussing takes a turn towards gossip and even worse is that they don’t realize the impact of gossip. Well gossip is a relationship killer and it happens much more frequently than you might want to believe.Gossip is basically anything that could be seen as a negative spoken about one person to another when they are not there to hear it first hand. It could be something very simple with zero intent to harm them and it could be as harsh as an intentional slander of someone’s character.

There is nothing good about gossip and it usually hurts the person under gossip and the people involved in sharing the gossip. There are risks in having the person find out about a person sharing gossip (gossips) as well as the pain and hurt to that person of whatever negative information is spread.

There are many additional dangers of gossip:

  • Stress to those involved.
  • Hurt feelings.
  • Destroys teamwork.
  • Destroys the desire for people to share any meaningful vulnerabilities.
  • Prevents communication that requires trust by encouraging people to keep their mouth shut.
  • Creates undeserved reputations.

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