How To Deal With Inferiority Complex?

Deal with your inferiority complex. First of all you must determine the root cause for your inferiority. This root cause may be as simple as a bad childhood experience such as rejection or being called names like dumb or stupid.

Determining the root cause for your inferiority is an essential step that can help you get over it quickly. Try to recall your childhood and remember the bad experiences you have been through. In many cases these bad experiences might be buried in the unconscious mind because of the pain associated with bringing them to the surface.

After determining the root cause of your inferiority complex you can use the following methods to overcome it.

1. Change your thoughts by changing your negative self talk.

Negative self-talk are the phrases or words you use while talking to yourself. Whenever you find that you are using phrases like “I know she won’t accept me because I am ugly” or “I am the worst dressed person in this party”, just stop and fix your self-talk. It is a very effective method that can help you fix your negative self-talk and get over your inferiority complex.

2. You don’t carry the blame for the ignorance of others. 

Always remind yourself that you can’t be worthless just because someone who was uninformed called you stupid. Do you believe that you’re of no value just because you met someone who shouted at you or made you feel worthless? You can’t determine your worth based on previous experiences that you can’t be blamed for. You just accepted the input you heard from others. If others called you stupid because of their own inferiority then this doesn’t mean that you must believe them. Keep on repeating those thoughts to yourself whenever you feel inferior until they become an unconscious thinking pattern that automatically fires whenever you feel inferior. You can control your emotions by controlling your thoughts, to create thinking patterns that can help you end your feelings of inferiority.

3. Fix your mental self image. 

In some cases when a person feels inferior his self image becomes affected too. Your self image is the image you have for yourself in your mind. Sometimes this image gets permanently modified as a result of the feelings of inferiority a person experienced. Fixing your mental self-image is one of the most powerful actions you can do to combat the inferiority complex. When the inferiority complex is based on a false belief (such as thinking that you are stupid/ugly) then fixing the mental self image will certainly end the inferiority complex. Once you convince yourself that you were fooled and that you were carrying a false belief you will be able to get rid of your inferiority complex.

4. Remove the labels that you have acquired.

Removing labels is another effective thing you can do to get rid of an inferiority complex. Labels are words that describe certain bad traits such as fool, idiot, stupid or whatever. Getting rid of those labels can give you a strong push forward towards overcoming those feelings of inferiority.

5. Install new beliefs.

Installing new beliefs about yourself is very powerful for combating inferiority complex. However, it might require a lot of effort for you to do it alone and you might need someone knowledgeable to help you.

6. Build your self confidence. 

Increasing your self-esteem or self-confidence will help a lot. Self confidence and inferiority are opposites. If you managed to acquire one of them the other will leave you. Building self confidence will certainly help you feel worthy and thus overcome your inferiority.



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