How To Get A Boy To Stop Teasing You?

1. Know that when a boy teases you, he may like you.

A lot of guys don’t know what to do with their feelings, and simply tease you so you don’t think they like you. You should also realize that if he doesn’t smile after he teases you, he may not like you.

2. Walk away.

When he starts talking to you, just roll your eyes and walk away as if he wasn’t there. This will leave him confused, and he’ll think twice before teasing you again.

3. Don’t talk to him.

If he starts a conversation by teasing you, just ignore him and talk to someone else. It’s okay to talk to him if he starts the conversation in a nice way.

4. Don’t let him embarrass you.

Playful teasing can sometimes lead to embarrassment. Don’t let a simple guy ruin your reputation, just ignore him.

5. Leave him alone.

You don’t need to ask him why he’s doing it. He’ll just ignore that and tease you again. Be aware that as soon as you start tolerating him teasing you, he’ll think it’s okay.

6. Tell him to stop.

Look at him in his face, and tell him firmly to stop teasing you. If he doesn’t stop after you tell him, feel free to tell an adult.

7. You think for a second… Are you being mean to him?

If you are, just leave him alone. He won’t tease you anymore. Although if he asks you for a pen, that means he may like you.

8. Tell him to think what would be his condition if he would have been at your place.


– If you don’t talk to him or just ignore whatever he’s doing, he might notice that you aren’t affected by it and will leave you alone.

– After some time, the boy will start leaving you alone.



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