How To Deal With Criticism?

Criticism can be hard to tolerate if you have a self esteem that is too high or too low. It is often considered as a difficult thing to deal with it. But it is not unattainable.

  1. Keep your self-esteem proportional. Don’t have it too high or too low for yourself. If it is too low, you will be sensitive to criticism because it reminds you how bad you think you are. If it is too high, you will get angry at people and be disappointed of yourself. It may be difficult to maintain this balance. Just keep reminding yourself that “I am what I am and I am true to myself. I am not a perfect person but at the same time i do posses some talent.”
  2. Tell people to give constructive criticism to you. It doesn’t hurt as much when you tell people to.
  3. Correct what they are criticizing, or they will see you as stubborn or annoying.
  4. Try to improve. It may sound like a cliche but this is what you can do. There is no point in mulling over those words. Look beyond the ‘words’. Take it in good spirit. Make an effort to eradicate those negatives.
  5. It’s a part of life. It is very important that you know that you cannot escape criticism. The more success you will find the harsher will be the criticism. Take a look at all the famous people, there are millions who criticize them. They always take it in good spirit and maybe that’s why they are successful. No matter what you do, there will always be people who will praise as well as criticize you. Nothing is perfect.

Tips :

  • Criticism means constructive advice pointing out your faults.
  • You should be polite with people so that they will not use harsh words all the time.
  • If the criticism is faulty, ignore what has been said or contact the person who sent the criticism.



One thought on “How To Deal With Criticism?”

  1. There are people who are resistant to criticism.They shield themselves from even constructive criticism.They project themselves if the criticism is directed to them. Not to bother to mend
    Prof G Rajamohan

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