How To Deal With People Who Underestimate You?

It is a problem that some people underestimate you. But if you’re really more than what they say/think you are, then you’ll have to deal with them. This article will show you how.

  1. Are they underestimating you? How do you know? How do you know that they aren’t right about you? Do you think that you are a lot better they think you are?
  2. Okay, then you have confidence in yourself. Good job, because that’s the first step.
  3. Realize, this is a golden opportunity. Proving people wrong is such a fun thing. You have people in your life who think you are a lot less than you are, and wow, are you going to surprise them? You are going to surprise them, right? Remember that.
  4. Every time they say something negative, remember how you will prove them wrong. Every snicker, mean look, laugh, whisper, negative comment is another opportunity for you to just keep silent and remember the day that their current words will look so dumb. The day they will be proven wrong.
  5. Shut your mouth at all costs. Speaking to them will only hurt you. You don’t feed a diamond necklace to the dogs, don’t feed your positive energy to someone who is negative.
  6. Concentrate on your goals. If you concentrate on their negativity, you risk becoming negative and cynical like them. You need to stay positive and concentrate on yourself.

Tips :

  • Remember that words affect you. Thoughts do not. You can’t control what others are thinking and you can’t please everyone. And who cares what people think.
  • You can stick up for yourself if you like, but be very careful with your words as you do, keep them simple. Say few words like “You’re wrong.” Or “Too bad you think that” or something, and that’s all.

Warnings :

  • Don’t argue with them. You will only hurt yourself. Don’t waste your energy on negative things. You have to think about the positive.
  • Never be like the cynics. You don’t like how they act, why would you want to follow their example? So always show others positivity and bring them up. This will also help you.



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