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How To Improve Your Bad Habits & Develop Healthier Habits?

To develop healthier habits you must improve on your bad habits. Bad eating habits, or lack of exercise can revolt into bad health. Also just cutting out bad habits in your daily life, to improve your mental health is important as well. Bad habits can have it’s way of effecting your entire life. Sometimes we just get lazy, and that can contribute to bad habits. Having a set plan and following through it as a routine can help break bad habits. That way you can habituate healthy habits.

I think one way to help eliminate bad habits, is giving yourself rewards. However, finding the motivation and keeping it can help you develop better habits into your daily life.

1. Develop better eating habits.

Eat healthier foods and get a balanced nutrition into your diet. This is so difficult, because sometimes finding healthy foods to satisfy our taste buds can be difficult. Don’t eat foods high in saturated fats. I’ve heard that eating foods high in saturated fats convince your body to eat more. Developing healthy eating habits takes time. Try to substitute bad eating habits, with better ones. However, still allow yourself the occasional snacks, just keep them limited. Or when you do eat something that isn’t exactly healthy, you compliment it with foods that have good sources of proteins, vitamins and antioxidants in them.

2. Welcome daily exercise into your life.

Making a habit of exercising is one of the better ways to develop healthier habits. It’s not just about losing weight, or getting into better shape. It can just help you develop a better mindset. Working out is extremely healthy for your entire body. Make exercise a routine, not just a phase. You don’t have to do it everyday, but it should be weekly.

3. Change your routines.

The same routines can often cause bad habits. Doing the exact same thing can trigger your subconscious into the exact same scenarios. Whether it’s eating, lack of exercise, or just the way you manage your time. Too much of one thing can be bad. Being able to adapt to new routines will help you embrace new habits, and break your old habits. It will take an adjustment and willingness to do these things.

4. Eliminate alcohol use.

Drinking a lot of alcohol is one of the better ways to cause bad habits in your daily life. Alcohol in general is bad for your mental stability. Alcohol is often linked to depression, which can explain a lot of bad habits a person obtains in their life. Cut back on usage of alcohol, and give yourself specific rules when drinking it frequently. If you can’t manage your drinking, then you have a problem. Go to AA and don’t be afraid to get the help needed.

5. Bring more joy and pleasure into your life.

Just simply enjoying life more can allow you to feel more motivated to improve your bad habits. A good mindset is obviously needed if you’re going to break bad habits and develop healthier ones. So to do that, take time to experience new things or try to do things you enjoy. If your bad habits are the things you enjoy, then try new things. Find other ways you can enjoy yourself, that aren’t becoming bad habits. For example, bad habits might be something as simple as watching too much TV. It’s easy for something to become a bad habit, even if it’s not extremely harmful to begin with. Try picking up a book instead. It’s not healthy to be so involved into one, or two things all the time.

6. Make a list of the daily things to improve on and give yourself set rules to follow.

Make a list of your bad habits, and then develop goals to improve on. It’s good to make yourself a schedule to follow. It’s easier when you have a set plan, and rules you give yourself. Keeping your bad habits organized, and making a blueprint on improving will help you out. Sometimes one has so many bad habits, it’s hard to keep track of them. Develop a methodical approach. Let there be self rewards you give yourself, that gives yourself satisfaction when breaking through on your bad habits and developing better ones.



Stop Feeding Your Subconscious Mind With Negativity

Your subconscious mind plays a pivotal role in shaping your destiny. It is a storehouse of your memories. It makes no distinction regarding the input and accept everything coming from the conscious mind. Whatever your conscious mind sees, hear, smell, feel and experience are all gets stored in subconscious mind.

Further, in accordance with law of nature, whatever your subconscious mind gets, return the same in form of impulses, desire, passion to your conscious mind. If it is filled with positivity, then it will send the positive impression to your conscious mind and on the other hand, if it is filled with negativity, it will send the negative impression to your conscious mind.

Hence, you should stop feeding your subconscious mind with all sort of negativity such as anger, jealousy, frustration, inferiority complex and like of the same. The moment you stop feeding your subconscious mind with negativity; you develop confidence in yourself to handle any given situation with positive attitude.

The way to stop negativity to enter subconscious mind is to start feeding it with positivity. You have to put a filter of choice on the gate of subconscious mind, which is your conscious mind through which all the memories enter in your subconscious mind. Make a conscious effort to filter away the impurities and focus on all sort of positivity so that it goes into your subconscious mind and gets stored.

To sum up, as your subconscious mind develops attitude and behaviors for you based on stored memories, so you should feed it with all sort of positivity. Practicing concentration and detachment also help you to stop feeding it with negativity. While concentration will guard your conscious mind to focus on positivity, detachment will ward off the emotional vices to get way to enter subconscious mind.